The Ghosts of Tivoli

Tivoli in Denver

Almost everyone locally is aware of the ghosts at the old Tivoli Brewery site on the UCD/Metro State shared campus in downtown Denver.  Having gone to school down there for years in the mid 90s to early 00s, I heard my share of tales.  I also had my skepticism because I never felt anything while there.  I’d been in the student union (location of the old brewery and location of the said hauntings) millions of times.  But, I guess that doesn’t mean it’s not haunted.

Check out this video of an investigation a few years ago:

Recently, the Ghost Adventures stopped by Denver and did an episode about the Peabody Whitehead Mansion on Grant Street.  There is a little clip of the GAs coming to the Auraria campus to talk to a professor about that case, but they took a brief sidetrip to the Tivoli to check out their ghosts.  Take a look…(Tivoli info starts at about 12:27)


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