Colorado Legends – Colorado History

Colorado’s Bizarre Legends

From Colorado legend Alferd “The Cannibal” Packer to Denver legend “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, there spans a spectrum of bizarre, strange, and even beloved characters that make up the infamous tales of Colorado’s eccentric history. Within the Mysterious Colorado site we’ve decided to separate the spectral beings and their ghostly tales from the historical accounts of the state’s eccentric figures who lived here long ago.

denver-capital-and-statueIt becomes a bit murky when you think about the historical Denver legend, Molly Brown, vs. the ghost that reportedly haunts her downtown Denver home. Is the apparition actually Molly Brown’s ghost? Or is it another being that haunts the halls of the Molly Brown House? That is up for debate. So, if any story deals with ghosts or supernatural beings of any kind we have relegated it to the Colorado Ghosts category. Stories of the ghost in Molly Brown’s house would fit in there.

If it is a tale of an actual living person, even if that person has died and is no longer “of this realm”, you will find that tale here, under Bizarre Colorado Legends. Depending on the historic figure, you may even find them in BOTH categories. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a holler and we’ll see if we can clarify further!

As with any retelling of a story heard from Aunt Barbie’s sister’s fourth cousin’s baseball coach (you get the idea), there will always be some variations to be expected. If anything you read here seems very different, or (dare I say?) inaccurate, then I encourage you to let us know! It is our goal to share story variations through our blog and hope to use this as a resource to add favorite unpublished Colorado legends to our site. For the time being we have these strange figures in Colorado History and their odd legends for your enjoyment…

Molly Brown House PlaqueColorado’s Legendary Eccentrics

Enjoy these awesome romps through our strange local history and please keep new stories coming! If you are looking for tales with more paranormal flair, check out our Colorado Ghosts – and hauntings!

If you wish, you may follow our blog or Twitter feed to receive the latest Colorado legends as they get added to this site. If you have a story you wish to submit to us for publication, please send us your name and contact information so we can give proper credit where credit is due!

“Colorado men are we, From the peaks gigantic, from the great sierras and the plateaus, From the mine and from the gully, from the hunting trail we come, Pioneers! O Pioneers!”
-Walt Whitman — Pioneers! O Pioneers!

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